Your Bethany Account

All students are provided with a campus-wide domain-level account for computer, network, and storage access. This account provides access to:

  • Bethany email account (see below)
  • campus computers (computer labs, library, etc.) and installed software
  • Internet Access
  • MyBLC
  • network printing
  • shared network storage drives
  • 2 GB of private network storage space (the U: drive) for saving documents and course materials
  • 30 GB of college-provided Google Drive storage space
  • additional accounts, resources, and access as required by students' courses or other curricular and co-curricular activities

Bethany Email Account

All students are provided with an e-mail account. This account is the official address used by various departments of the college to distribute electronic announcements. The college will not attempt to keep track of or send messages to other accounts a user may have. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly check for email.

Upon graduation or transfer from Bethany, alumni can retain their email accounts and addresses indefinitely by simply continuing to use the account.


To obtain, change, or reset your password, see Password Help.