What Sets Us Apart


English students at Bethany benefit from both small class sizes and an excellent student-to-faculty ratio. In upper division and general education classes the number of students in a classrom rarely exceeds twenty-five. In fact, most upper division classes average between eight and fifteen students. Because of our close community, students get to know each other very well and experience strong camaraderie with their professors. Our students create informal and formal cohorts that study, read, and write texts together, and share challenges and breakthroughs. As a result, the discussion of texts, ideas of authors, and responses and viewpoints of students is more personal and meaninful than in larger classroom settings.

Academic Advising

English majors work closely with an English faculty professor who acts as their advisor during their time at Bethany. Required coursework, elective options, internships, and professional and graduate school goals are all primary topics our majors discuss with their advisors on a regular basis. Even more significant, however, are the opportunities in advising sessions to have one-on-one discussions regarding specific reading and writing questions and theoretical debates and issues.


Some of our recent graduates have fulfilled internships at newspapers, publishing houses, law firms, and historical societies. Learn more about English internships.

Graduate School

Many English majors are interested in careers in academia, writing, or another profession that requires an advanced degree. At Bethany, an emphasis is placed on ensuring that students are positioned to compete for acceptance in literature and writing graduate programs. Princeton, Harvard, Wake Forest, The University of Maine, Marquette University, and Minnesota State University, Mankato, are a few of the universities where our students have completed or are pursuing graduate degrees in literature and writing.

Capstone Course

Our English majors conceive, research, and write an original, substantive, and rigorous analytic essay or creative production that requires them to use everything they’ve learned in previous years in a focused and professional project. Read more.