Vocal Viking

Vocal Viking October 28-29, 2016


The Vocal Viking offers the 11 standard AFA events in 3 groupings.  Groupings are as follows:

Group A:  Dramatic Duo, Extemp., Persuasion, POI, Extemporaneous Interpretation
Group B:  Prose, Impromptu, Informative
Group C:  After Dinner, Communication Analysis, Drama, Poetry, Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary Debate

The Vocal Viking will have four rounds of Parliamentary Debate with appropriate elimination rounds.  Students can enter debate and one other IE in Group C.  Enjoy your rhetorical crit and debate it too!

Minnesota Experimental Event: Extemporaneous Interpretation

The Vocal Viking will include the experimental event for the state of Minnesota.  This year the event is Extemporaneous Interpretation. Contestants will be given a piece of literature and have 30 minutes to prepare an oral interpretation performance. Each round will be from a different genre of literature (Prose, Poetry, Drama). Use of manuscript is required. Maximum time is 7 minutes including introductions.

Black paper, tape, glue, scissors, and pencils will be provided to those competing in Extemporaneous Interpretation. Please bring your own binder.

Due to schedule constraints, Extemporaneous Speaking and Extemporaneous Interpretation will be in the same time slot to utilize the same scheduled preparation period.


The tournament starts with two rounds of debate at 11:30 am on Friday, Oct. 28.  Group A of IEs begin at 2 pm.  Breakfast starts at 8 am on Saturday with awards scheduled for 6 pm or sooner.

Hotel Reservations

No hotel rooms have been blocked for this weekend.  If you have questions about hotels, please contact Jon Loging.

Entry Deadline

Please enter the tournament on www.speechwire.com by 5 pm on Monday, Oct. 24.  Fees will be assessed at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 25.