Spiritual Life

At the heart of Bethany's mission are Christian faith and values.

A college education at Bethany is not just about mastering equations, conducting research, or critically analyzing a difficult problem. Beyond these academic principles are the Biblical truths that stand as the foundation for the Bethany education. While striving for academic excellence, Christianity is integrated into all instruction on our campus. Read more about spiritual growth opportunities.

Emily Anderson | elementary education

"Friendships seem stronger and closer when there is a sharing of core values. I love the Christian environment at Bethany. I grew up in a public school, and I really appreciate that Christianity is incorporated into the classes."

Daniel Ruiz | sociology

"Attending a Christian school helped me tremendously. My faith has always been a very important part of my life. I found it comforting to feel free to talk about my faith. The fact that I could go to chapel every day really helped me through some difficult times."

Jenna Londgren | psychology

"Bethany has prepared me for my future by first and foremost
grounding me in my faith."

Matt Behmer | sociology

"The best thing about being a Bethany student is being able to grow spiritually as well as academically. Bethany’s highly accomplished professors teach everything in the light of God’s Word."