Student Leadership Institute

The Bethany Student Leadership Institute seeks to identify and develop leaders through a comprehensive seven-month program. This program will strengthen leadership skills and community awareness consistent with the mission of Bethany Lutheran College to prepare students for leadership roles on campus and after graduation.

Leadership Training with a Christian View
A unique curriculum will approach leadership as a means of serving others. It will integrate topics designed to develop self awareness of behavioral style; time management; effective meeting management; teamwork; oral and written communication; community, church, and government awareness; and service that grows from a Christian perspective. Read on to find out more about how this program can help you develop your leadership potential.

Each month, 10 Sophomore participants will approach a different leadership topic through presentations from speakers, discussion, and hands-on activities in a 2-3 hour evening session.


Challenges of Leadership
Each of us has unique, God-given talents. Learn to understand what your talents are, and to appreciate the talents of others, through a personal behavioral style assessment, discussion, and personal development activities.


Leading through Vocation – Can I be a Leader?
How am I to serve others? How is leadership a form of service? Can I be a leader? These questions will be explored to develop an understanding of how God presents different tasks, some of which require us to serve others through different types of leadership roles.


The Ethics of Leadership
How are Christians to live in this world? What are faith fruits? Leaders are often challenged with decisions about right and wrong. An understanding of the limits and boundaries can help leaders with these difficult decisions. In this session, participants will approach moral issues from the perspective of Christian vocation.


Communicating to Influence
In order to develop and meet goals, and to gain the support of others, leaders must be good communicators.This session will the first in a two part series to build communication skills. Focus in this first session will be on presenting, writing, and effectively managing meetings.


Leading Teams
When we serve in leadership roles at school, work, church, home, or in our community, we will often work with a small group. In this second session on communication, participants will gain understanding of the unique challenges leading small groups and how to communicate in ways that make the group successful.


Leading through Advocacy
Our role as Christians and citizens will be explored in this two day session. Participants will meet with local and state government leaders and travel to the Minnesota State Capitol in order to gain an understanding of how government functions and of advocacy.


Leading through Service
Ultimately, the leader’s role is one of Christian service to others. Participants will explore opportunities on campus, at church, and in the community to serve in leadership roles. Participants will develop a personal plan to engage in these opportunities in the coming year.