Psychology Major

Bethany's timeless perspective into the makeup of individuals is that each person is a complex composite of intellect and emotion, frailties and strengths, body and soul.


Based on this understanding, our psychology students gain insight into their own behavior. This translates into a better comprehension of others. Students choose to focus on general psychology, counseling, or industrial and organizational psychology. Read more.

Potential careers
• Behavioral health
• Child psych
• Clinical psych
• Counseling
• Educational psych
• Research
• Industrial/organizational
• Criminal justice
• Social services
• Sport psych

Alumni profiles

“Psychology is a field where you learn something new every single day. There is so much potential to make a difference in people’s lives and help them grow and make changes. It’s extremely challenging, but just as rewarding. My favorite part of my job is seeing women who have been through unimaginable things bloom into healthy individuals. Everyone has a story and wants to share it, and I love learning from people.”
- Jenna Londgren ('09), view full profile
Therapist at ASC Psychological Clinic

“Although I have additional degrees in psychology beyond my training at Bethany, I consider my training there as the most important time in my life. I believe that my time at Bethany was important not only to develop my academic training, but also to form my identity as a Christian.”
- Josh Mears ('05), view full profile
Therapist at Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services


Preparing our graduates

Site visits To put it simply, we care very much about what our students do after graduation. For this reason, our program places an emphasis on personal growth and development. By working closely together, we ensure that our students establish goals that lead to fulfilling lives of purpose.
Supervised Study