Law schools seldom have a preference for students of a particular major. In this regard, law school is quite different from medical school, for example, which usually requires a specific pre-med course of study. Most law schools accept applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree in any field, have a competitive GPA, score well on the LSAT exam, and display—through curricular and extracurricular activities—an ability to organize challenging projects and solve complicated problems. Pre-Law students at Bethany therefore have the option of choosing any major offered.

Within a given major there are courses that are recommended for their ability to provide pre-law students with a taste of the kinds of issues they’ll encounter in the legal profession or with training in the kinds of skills they’ll need to succeed in law school. Many of these recommended courses fulfill general education requirements, making them fit easily within any major the student selects. Since law school admission standards are flexible as to curriculum, so too should pre-law students have a flexible attitude toward selecting their major and their particular courses. Students interested in pre-law should consult the pre-law advisor early in their career to plan out a course of study.