Payment Plans

Payment of Fees

All expenses and fees must be paid in full by August 10 for fall semester and January 9 for spring semester.  The college will mail fall semester statements by July 8, and spring semester statements by December 1.  These statements will include credits for financial aid if completed (except work-study, which is paid directly to the student) and the tuition deposit.  Failure to pay the statement in full by the August or January dates, or file a payment program plan with Bethany by July 25 or January 1 will cause termination of classes, residence hall, and food service privileges.

Payment Options

Bethany realizes that individual student circumstances may not allow for lump sum payments by the due date.  BLC has developed a monthly payment plan that allows the student and their parent(s) to distribute the annual cost over two four-month periods from August through November and January through April. 

The student and/or parent(s) will authorize Bethany Lutheran College to deduct the student’s tuition and other educational costs from a checking/savings account or a debit/credit card. The student/parent understands the payment deductions will occur on the following dates: 

  • Spring - January 10, February 10, March 10 and April 10.

However, the student/parent(s) understands they may discontinue the program at any time by contacting the Business Office at Bethany Lutheran College. Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) on accounts can cause termination of classes, residence hall, and/or food service privileges, depending on the amount paid and balance remaining. The processing fee for the monthly payment plan is $25 per semester (non-refundable).

If financial aid packaging cannot be completed prior to August 10 or January 10 due to tax filing extensions or other issues, cash payment in the amount of $2,000 is required by August 10 or January 10. Subsequent payment of $2,000 will need to be made by September 12 or February 10 if financial aid package is still incomplete. If your financial aid package is not completed by October 10 or March 10, Bethany will terminate all classes, residence hall, and food service privileges, unless the remaining balance is paid in full. The college will withhold transcripts and all official college documents until a student’s account has been cleared.

Payment Plan Forms

You will need to download and print the form below when setting up your payment plan at Bethany. If your web browser doesn't allow on-screen data entry for this form, please open the file with Adobe Reader or other .PDF reader software, or print and fill out by hand.