Music Major

Bethany’s music major includes private study, ensemble participation, music theory, music skills (sight singing, ear training), and music history.

As a music student at Bethany you will enjoy fine facilities for instruction and practice.
You will also have the opportunity to join with other students who love to sing and play. Our performance groups aim for polished presentations while providing everyone with the opportunity for refreshment in both rehearsals and performances. Most importantly, Bethany’s music major is built on a strong Christian foundation and understanding of music’s spiritual purpose and strength. Read more.

Potential Careers
• Church musician
• Composer
• Conductor
• Music arranger
• Music education
• Music librarian
• Music management
• Performance
• Music publishing
• Musical theatre
• Sound design

Browse photos of musical performances on Bethany's Flickr page.

Alumni Profiles

“...I am self-driven and while attending BLC I sought out opportunities to compose music for the concert choir, music ensembles, and the concert band. I was able to listen and work with the musicians in rehearsals. The knowledge gained from these experiences could not be taught in a classroom. The entire music faculty, including Professor Wurster, Professor Lo, Professor Marzolf, and Professor Tollefson, were and continue to be wonderful leaders and mentors to me.”
- Amanda Rose (’07), read full profile
“What I remember most about Bethany was the worship life.  Chapel on a daily basis just could not be beat. I was certainly blessed by this at Bethany, as the Holy Spirit worked faith in my heart during a very strong, yet a very weak time of my life. I also remember the freedom to study and excel in my field with the assistance of my professors and colleagues. It was such an incredible blessing to be at Bethany for my degree because it allowed me to gain confidence and knowledge in what I do.  Every day was a new experience full of hands-on learning.”
- Jacob Weber ('10), read full profile