Media Arts Major


The media arts department is a place where filmmakers, artists, designers, writers, and composers come together to make things.

Our location in southern Minnesota gives us a unique perspective marked by grit, resourcefulness, and versatility. We’re a young program that’s quickly growing with students finding work and fulfillment in a variety of media-related fields.
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Media Arts Profiles
Matt Meilner
Alumnus Profile: Matt Meilner (2012)
Matt works as a creative apprentice at Digital Kitchen in Los Angeles, California.
Aaron Evans
Intern Profile: Aaron Evans
As an intern, Aaron worked with a company that specializes in video game capture for use in trailers to market and promote leading video game franchises.


July 17, 2016 to July 21, 2016 Media Boot Camp 2016
September 26, 2016 - 7:00pm 2016 Red Eye Film Festival Screening Night