Tommy Kramer

Internship site: Mankato MoonDogs Baseball Team in Mankato, Minnesota
Title: Media Relations Intern
Major: Communication

What did you learn about yourself by participating in an internship program?
I learned how to communicate with higher management in a business environment, express myself through written communication, and think for myself about ways to better the business. We were working for a real purpose, the success of an actual business. This intensified my experience because I knew if I didn’t do my best I would put the business at risk.

What was your most important contribution to the organization?
My biggest contribution involved a fan that was extremely disappointed with our baseball score card. I took it upon myself to create a completely new and improved card. A few games later when I saw this fan using the new score card, I asked what he thought of it. He was very pleased with the work that I had done. This may seem like a small contribution, but the score card is something we sell to our fans and so I was able to improve our product, increase our sales, and show that the organization continually makes changes to please our customers.

What type of experience did you gain that will help you begin your career?
Through working in the office and networking, I was able to make connections and form relationships with many people in the league and in other local businesses.

Did the internship experience meet your expectations?
Absolutely, it was everything I could ask for and more. I was able to grow as an individual, gain valuable experience, and receive a full understanding of how a business runs. I loved learning the business side of baseball and interacting with other businesses, players, and coworkers. If I was ever offered the position of becoming the general manager of a baseball team in the future, I would take it in a heartbeat.