Theatre Major

As a Bethany theatre major, you will choose an emphasis in production or performance. In theatre performance, you will study theatre history, read and discuss literature, and focus on the art of acting. In theatre production you will focus on sound and lighting design, set design and construction, stage management, and directing.

Multiple trips to the Twin Cities' Ordway and Guthrie Theater complement classroom learning, and four annual theatre productions on the Bethany stage provide a chance for you to demonstrate your abilities both on and off stage. In addition to creative development, our theatre department is distinctive in encouraging Christian theatre artists who understand the influence of performance and make ethical decisions. Read more.

Potential Careers
• Education
• Stage management
• Acting
• Directing
• Lighting design
• Television
• Radio
• Scenic design
• Theatre
• Theme park industry
• Children's theatre

Browse photos of theatrical productions on Bethany's Flickr page.

“My fondest memories of Bethany were with the theatre department: the jokes and camaraderie among cast and crew members, the anxious minutes before a performance, the exhilarating moments of acting on stage, and the applause of an audience. The Bethany theatre experience was the best time of my life, and it is where I made my strongest friendships and met my husband.”
- Anna Kempfert (’10)


“Theatre was one of the things that brought me to Bethany, as I wanted a Christian environment in which to pursue continued work in theatre.The theatrical experience can be very powerful, with its live combination of visual and auditory elements, but its real punch comes with the telling of a good story.”
- Tova Brown ('10)


Get involved!

Lyric-theatre (produced by Bethany Choraliers)
Full-length plays (classic and contemporary)
Theatre Physics (Vaudeville-style productions)