Thank-You Notes

Sending a thank-you note shows politeness and business etiquette. It allows you the chance to reiterate your selling points and demonstrate that you are interested in the position. It also shows you have follow-up skills. You don't want to be the person that fails to send one!

Parts of the thank-you note


  • Your contact information
  • The date you are writing
  • The address of the company to which you are applying

First Paragraph

  • Express appreciation for the interview
  • Indicate the job for which you interviewed
  • Note the date and location of the interview

Second Paragraph

  • Reaffirm you interest in the job or position
  • Cover your reasons why you are qualified for the position
  • Mention something that was discussed during the interview
  • State that you are available for further interviewing


  • Salutation
  • Signature

Formatting Guidelines

  • Center your letter in the middle of the page
  • Single space and leave a space between each paragraph
  • Leave a space between your heading and greeting and leave three spaces between your salutation and typed name
  • Sign your name in ink between your salutation and typed name
  • Either align all paragraphs to the left of the page or indent the first line of each paragraph to the right
  • Use standard margins on all sides of the document