Student Senate

The purpose of the Student Senate is to represent the students in all matters of concern to the student body and to serve as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff and administration. It is actively involved in sponsoring a variety of social activities and convocations. Elections to the Student Senate take place every fall and spring.


Senate Constitution

The purpose of the Student Senate:

  • Represent students by acting as the liaison between the administration, faculty, staff and the students;
  • Represent the student body of Bethany Lutheran College to other students, the community, and other student governments;
  • Recognize and approve constitutions of campus student clubs and organizations.
  • Recognize and approve recognized student clubs and organizations’ requests for Senate funding; 
  • Provide opportunity for interaction and communication among organizations;
  • Be responsible for the allocation of the student designated funds;
  • Provide an outlet for the leadership development of the students.

The powers of the Student Senate:

  • Recommend to administration the assessment amount of student fees;
  • Allocation of Student Activity Funds;
  • Impeachment of the President, Vice-President, Committee Chairs and other individual Senators;
  • Ability to make major policy decisions of the Student Senate;
  • Legislation and necessary action in the interest of the student body;
  • Overseeing recognized student clubs and organizations;
  • Initiating changes in the Student Senate Constitution, including bylaws and amendments.