Student Profiles


To show what it's really like to be an English major at Bethany, we asked three English students a few questions. Read on to hear from Hannah, Maren, and Noah.

Which English course has been the most interesting to you?

 "Reading As Writers Across Media, with Angie Johnson. The course was a challenge because it covered new English material that you don't learn outside this class. The Hero's Journey in particular was really interesting." --Noah Dale

 “Non-Western Literature was a class I enjoyed very much, primarily because I had never read novels from Non-Western authors before. The truth and the earnestness behind these novels moved me largely because of they spoke to the realities of problems we all face as well as problems that are distinctly unique.” --Hannah Bockoven


What activities would you recommend for English majors?

 "I recommend writing for the Scroll because it helps expand your horizons as a writer--you write both creatively and objectively. It's the best of both worlds." --Noah Dale

 “English majors should try to get involved with things like Inkwell and the Scroll, but additionally, I've found it so worthwhile to get involved with the arts, be it through theater or art classes.”         --Hannah Bockoven


What is the best thing about being an English major at Bethany?

 "You're able to express your creative side so freely. I think in some other fields you have limited amounts of creativity, but in English you have so many directions and avenues you can take. At Bethany, you're encouraged to focus on developing your God-given talents, and English is a great place to do that." --Noah Dale

 "I love majoring in English at Bethany because I get to study English in relation to my faith. I don't know if there are many places you can do that. I have the opportunity to learn about something I am extremely passionate about in an environment where I can see and discuss the hand of God in it all." --Maren Thompson


What do you think about double-majoring with English?

 "It's busy, but definitely worth it. I'm majoring in English and Theatre and I really want to go into a field of theatre research and analysis. My English major is invaluable for that, teaching me proper analytical methods and tendencies. I love that I have the option to explore multiple passions with my double major, and I think the English major is a really good one to double with. It lays a foundation of skills and knowledge that will help you no matter what you end up pursuing." --Maren Thompson