Taylor Leadership Institute

The Taylor Leadership Institute seeks to develop leaders through a comprehensive three-year certificate program. This program will strengthen your leadership skills and community awareness through established leadership theories and research coursework, preparing you for leadership roles on campus and after graduation. The strong point of this program is that it will connect you to community leaders. In this way you will witness firsthand the skills and attributes of successful leaders.

Sophomore Year

  • Students enroll in BUSN410 Leadership, a three credit course in the spring semester. This course establishes leadership theory and self-awareness of students’ leadership traits and abilities.
  • Students will participate in at least two outside leadership development activities.

Junior Year

  • Participate in the Taylor Corporation Leadership Speaker Series (open to the Bethany community). SLI students plan and organize the speaker series to work on developing project management skills while developing relationships with the speakers and community members.
  • Students will participate in a ropes course and other team-building activities
  • Students will conduct leadership research with local companies
  • Students will participate in leadership activities with faculty and staff.

Senior Year

  • Students participate in E-Leaders, a mentoring program wherein Bethany students are partnered with Taylor Corporation leaders as well as other community leaders in the students’ fieldof interest. Students and mentors will develop a relationship via email focusing on leadership and helping students prepare for their career. Throughout the year, the Glen Taylor Chair of Leadership and Business will send out prompts for the student and mentor to respond to each other.
  • Students attend the Leader to Leader Trip, attending Greater Mankato Day at the State Capital to interact with state and local government leaders. The two-day trip will also include visits with alumni leaders.
  • Students assist with recruiting the new Leadership Institute class and other activities on campus.

Schedule subject to change

Topics Include:

Leading through Vocation: How am I to serve others? How is leadership a form of service? Can I be a leader? These questions will be explored to develop an understanding of how God presents different tasks, some of which require us to serve others through different types of leadership roles.

Challenges of Leadership: Each of us has unique, God-given talents. Learn to understand what your talents are, and to appreciate the talents of others, through a developmental assessment, discussion, and personal development activities.

Leading through Service: Ultimately, the leader’s role is one of Christian service to others. Participants will explore opportunities on campus, at church, and in the community to serve in leadership roles.

Leading through Advocacy: Our role as Christians and citizens will be explored in this two day session. Participants will meet with local and state government leaders and travel to the Minnesota State Capitol in order to gain an understanding of how government functions and of advocacy.

The Ethics of Leadership: How are Christians to live in this world? What are faith fruits? Leaders are often challenged with decisions about right and wrong. An understanding of the limits and boundaries can help leaders with these difficult decisions.

Communicating to Influence: In order to develop and meet goals, gain the support of others, and work well in team settings, leaders must be good communicators.