Student Guide - Security and Parking Policies

For security assistance, dial 888 (off-campus dial 507-344-7888).

Campus Security

Bethany Lutheran College Campus Security exists to make the campus and its buildings a safe and secure place for students, staff and visitors.   Information about Annual Security Reports and Crime Statistics can be found at the Campus Security page.

Parking Services & Regulations

Information regarding campus parking can be found at the Parking Services and Regulations site.

Campus Security Services

The primary purpose of Bethany Campus Security is the protection and safety of persons and property on campus. Cooperation of all members of the Bethany community is essential. Please be alert of your surroundings and if you see any suspicious activity, contact Campus Security, resident staff, or if necessary, the Mankato Police Department.

Campus Security will seek to ensure protection and safety by providing regular patrols of buildings and grounds, issuing security alerts, escort services, daily security checks, and reporting safety hazards and repairs.

Campus Security will respond to campus incidents and calls for assistance. Enforcement of Bethany's parking policies is also part of security's responsibilities. (See Parking Services)

You can reach the on-duty Campus Security officer at (507) 344-7888. Director of Facilities (Security Services) can be contacted at the security office phone number (507) 344-7889, 344-7854, or reached by email at

Security Alerts
Security will post "Security Alerts" whenever there is a situation that concerns the general Bethany community. These alerts will be posted in the "Daily Bulletin" at key locations on campus, student email, and the Security web page.

Emergency Phones
Bethany has installed emergency phones in all student parking lots. There are additional courtesy phones located on the second floor of the glass entry of Anderson Hall, inside the glass entry of Teigen Hall, Gullixson Hall, Edgewood Place, and outside the upper entrance to Larson Hall. Dial 888 for Campus Security or 911 for police and fire. Additional courtesy phones are available in all buildings. Please see the campus floor plan maps posted on every floor in every building for the nearest courtesy phone location.

Escort Services
Security will gladly provide students, staff, and visitors with an escort to and from any location on campus. For example, if you work late off campus and would like an escort from a student parking lot to Anderson Hall, simply call (507) 344-7*_888_*from your cell phone or make use of an emergency phone in the student parking lots. This service is only offered on campus and not around the City of Mankato.

Vehicle Assistance
You are encouraged to have an extra set of keys to your vehicle secured in your dorm room. Officers are trained and equipped with vehicle lockout tools. They will be able to unlock most cars. There is no charge for this service. Owners of the vehicles must sign a waiver and assume responsibility for any possible damage.

Security can also provide you with a "jump start" when your vehicle battery is dead. This is a free service but again, owners assume responsibility for any damage. Campus Security offers these services on campus, not city wide.

In Case of Severe Weather/Tornado

If a tornado warning is issued, please move to a designated severe weather shelter (listed below) or an interior room or hallway on the lowest level away from windows. All severe weather shelter areas are also posted on the floor plan maps in every building.

  • Bethany Annex - Restrooms
  • Edgewood Place - Basement
  • Gullixson Hall - Basement
  • Honsey Hall - Tunnel, lower level restrooms and classrooms, posted hallway
  • Larson Hall - Lower level laundry room
  • Memorial Library - Tunnel, lower level interior halls
  • Meyer Hall - Tunnel, computer labs on lower level
  • Old Main/Anderson Hall/Luther Hall - Chapel tunnel, 1st floor restrooms by the Viking Village, base of steps by the Viking Village
  • Presidents Hall - Basement
  • Sports and Fitness Center - North gym locker rooms, 1st floor restrooms
  • Teigen Hall - 1st floor interior hall, 1st floor restrooms and laundry room
  • Trinity Chapel - Tunnels, lower level restrooms and classrooms
  • YFAC - 1st floor restrooms, basement (NOT in the theater!)

General Protection Policies for Students

  • Call the police (911) when there is a medical emergency, fire or some other emergency or situation you believe requires their assistance. However, please call Campus Security (507) 344-7888 as well to assist you, emergency personnel and for documentation.
  • Keep your dorm room locked to remove any temptation and opportunity for theft. Students have many dorm visitors. Please store valuables in your room. Do not leave electronic devices (MP3, game systems, etc.) hooked up in student lounge areas. Do not keep valuables in your car. If necessary, place valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • Students are encouraged to carry their electronic key fob and student ID with them at all times. You are required to provide identification (student ID or picture driver's license) when requested by Campus Security or college staff.
  • Keep your eyes open; report suspicious activity and suspects. Contact Campus Security, Resident Life staff, the Dean of Student Services, or the police when necessary. The protection of fellow students and property may be at stake. We would rather investigate suspicious activity, identify people involved, and possibly prevent situations, than address incidents after the fact.
  • There is a complete listing of services and procedures at Campus Security's web page:

Missing Persons
All students of Bethany Lutheran College are given the option of providing information for an emergency contact person who could be notified in the event the student is officially reported as missing or for other emergencies. The Office of the Registrar may be contacted to update emergency contact information.

Firearms/Dangerous Articles and Weapons/ Ammunition/Fireworks/Explosives

Bethany Lutheran College bans guns on its premises. It prohibits the possession, storage or use of any firearm, ammunition, bow and arrow, firecracker, rocket or fireworks and any other type of propellant guns (ie. airsoft, pellet, BB). Other prohibited dangerous weapons include: explosives, martial arts weapons, knives with a blade four inches long or longer, hatchets, axes, decorative weapons, or any dangerous article or substance for the purpose of being used unlawfully to harm another, damage property, or used as a weapon against another.  Decorative or replica weaponry of any of the above are also banned. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangement for the off-campus storage of any above mentioned weaponry. Questions may be directed either to the Dean of Students (507) 344-7745 or Director of Facilities (Security Services) 507-344-7889 or 344-7854.


Student solicitation of any kind (approaching students to purchase items, products or services) is not allowed on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College. All such activity should be reported to the Dean of Students or Campus Security.

Property Insurance

Bethany is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to the students. Please make sure your personal property is insured to protect against loss and damage and take precautions, such as locking your doors, to guard against theft. This also applies to student vehicles and their contents (such as tapes and stereos which, if possible, should be stowed away in the trunk or student's room).

Keys and Key Fobs

All students are provided an electronic key fob, programmed to assigned areas such as access to the student's residence hall, Old Main student union, and under certain circumstances academic buildings or facilities. Residential students will have a key for their residence and mailbox. Off-campus students are issued a key for their mailbox. If any of these are lost or become non-functional, a student should immediately contact Campus Security at (507) 344-7*_888_*or the Meyer Hall front office at MH 205 (507) 344-7_736_. In the case of a lost/stolen key or fob, timely notification is required to take necessary security precautions. Failure to notify of a lost/stolen key or fob may jeopardize the safety and property of others. Consequently, failure to report may result in a fine of $100.00 and/or loss of other privileges. The cost for replacement is $20.00 for each fob and $20.00 for each key. Replacements will be provided once payment is made with the Business Office.

ID Cards

Students are issued an ID card at the beginning of their first year that is to be used as long as they are enrolled at Bethany. The ID card is required for meals, library check-out, and visitation hours.  Payment must be made in the business office, and then bring your receipt to the Memorial Library for a replacement card. Access to dining services may be denied if a student has not replaced a lost ID card within 48 hours.