Stone Path Studios

Supported by a start-up grant from the Antioch Foundation, Stone Path Studios, our student-run production company, has already launched its first projects, ranging from a video for a small business to producing content for Christian broadcasting via satellite to millions.

Stone Path is run by executive producers Stephanie Erlandson, a third-year major in media arts with an English minor, director of customer relations Landon Brands, a first-year student majoring in media arts and theater, and Megan Humphrey, a fourth-year business administration major. Staci Paul, a third-year business administration major, also works as the director of finances.

Bethany students running the company gain valuable hands-on experience in the fields of business, communication, and media arts while other students from across campus—writers, composers, actors, technicians—gain experience when hired to create productions.

Browse production history and meet staff on the Stone Path Studios website.

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