Kyle Jore

Kyle Jore

Associate Professor - Mathematics
Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching has changed throughout the years. When I started at BLC I had some years of experience in the lower division coursework and felt the need to emphasize the necessity of the formal aspects of mathematics. Now having taught the entire undergraduate mathematics curriculum, from freshman to seniors, remedial to research, I have come to appreciate not just mathematical rigor, but more so its usefulness.

Studying mathematics is more than just learning the rules of a game, or developing tools for the natural or social sciences. When learning mathematics a student fosters a new framework of mind. In the near future our society will, undoubtedly, face new problems and the workforce change to meet new demands. I believe the students who are best equipped to meet societies changing demands are those that can comprehend complex problems by reasoning through fundamental facts, properties, and methods and technically communicate those ideas. It is my goal through the study of mathematics to help students develop these things.

Research Interests

While at BLC I have advised research projects in the areas of computational topology, group theory, financial analysis, knot theory, stochastic modeling, and dynamical systems among others.

I have an invested interest in computation topology and more recently in agricultural economics.


Started teaching at BLC in 2010. My wife and I have two young children. We raise registered Shorthorn cattle.