Spiritual Life

At the heart of Bethany's mission are Christian faith and values.

A college education at Bethany is not just about mastering equations, conducting research, or critically analyzing a difficult problem. Beyond these academic principles are the Biblical truths that stand as the foundation for the Bethany education. While striving for academic excellence, Christianity is integrated into all instruction on our campus.

It is the conviction of Bethany Lutheran College that the Bible in its entirety is the inerrant, inspired and powerful word of God, which explains, offers and gives salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and is the sole authority for faith and life. It is also our hope that all students will have this same conviction as their own. In order to encourage and strengthen this conviction, Bethany provides a number of spiritual life services to which all students are invited. If you have questions regarding any aspect of spiritual life on campus, please talk to our Chaplain.

Chapel Service
Chapel Service is the time of the day when all students and faculty gather together as a community. This devotional time gives opportunity to hear, ponder, and benefit from the teachings and events of the Bible. A time for a devotional response through prayers, hymns, etc., is also provided. All students are encouraged to attend Chapel Service daily which lasts from 10:00 to 10:15 a.m. when classes are in session. See our Chapelcast page for an audio archive of services.

Vespers Service
Every Wednesday evening from 5:30 - 6 p.m. during the academic year, a Vespers Service is held in the chapel. This service provides a nice break from studies and a time of spiritual refreshment during the middle of the week.

Bible Studies
Bible studies will be conducted at regularly scheduled times and locations announced by the Chaplain. These provide students with opportunities to hear, discuss, and raise questions about the teachings of God's Word.

Christ in the Classroom

To promote spiritual life on campus, Bethany offers a number of religion courses (one is required each semester), daily chapel services, mid-week Vespers, informal Bible studies, and Christian student organizations. Students are encouraged to make the most of these opportunities so that when they leave Bethany, they will be equipped with a sound moral base, a sense of purpose, and an awareness of what is truly important in life.

The One Thing Needful

As a Christian institution, Bethany Lutheran College places utmost importance on spiritual affairs. It is the belief of the college that the Word of God is the "One Thing Needful" – it is the foundation on which Bethany stands.

Bethany's academic and extracurricular programs are infused with the Gospel of Christ. Course material is taught through the Christian worldview. Daily services, weekly vespers services, and other opportunities for worship are held in Bethany's beautiful Trinity Chapel. The choirs proclaim His good news in song.

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend Bethany?

No. Bethany accepts students from all faiths and students who profess no faith at all. Most Christian faiths are represented on the campus, and approximately 75% of our students are Lutheran.

As a student, do I have to attend chapel?

All students are encouraged, but not required, to attend chapel. The only academic religion requirements we have at Bethany are that all full-time underclassmen take a two-credit religion course each semester. Upperclassmen must take one three-credit course each year.

Lutherans for Life

This student organization will sponsor activities that educate people about and promote the pro-life cause.

Worship at Area Churches

All our students are cordially invited to attend regularly the services of our college churches, Mt. Olive Lutheran in Mankato and Peace Lutheran in North Mankato. The pastors are willing to assist the students in their spiritual needs in any way.

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

1123 Marsh St, Mankato, MN 56001 (a few blocks east of campus)
(507) 345-4966

Peace Lutheran Church

2090 Commerce Dr, North Mankato, MN 56003
(507) 385-1386

If you prefer to worship elsewhere, a list of area churches is available from the Chaplain, or search online.


In Depth - Rev. David Jay Webber September 9, 2019 - 7:00pm
Concert in Trinity Chapel September 24, 2019 - 7:00pm