Sociology Major

In Bethany's sociology major, students learn to see themselves and others as embedded within society. Sociology is the systematic study, not of distant or ancient cultures and histories, but of the everyday world that surrounds us. In sociology, you learn how your and others experiences, identities, and behaviors are shaped and molded by our interactions with the economies, polities, languages, and epistemologies surrounding us. For Christians interested in sociology, Bethany’s program is unique: it presents the ideas of sociology and the often ugly realities of life in modern society, unedited and uncensored, while also being taught by Christian faculty in Bethany's edifying campus culture.

This program helps students develop a variety of skills that can aid students in their future careers in nearly any field. Graduates of sociology programs learn the skill of the field of sociology, such as the ability to utilize theoretical frameworks, identify the impact of consequences of social policy and institutions, and conduct/interpret/present social research and data. In addition to this, according to the American Sociological Associations (ASA), graduates also report that their sociology degree lead them to acquire other invaluable tools for entering the job market of today, such as the ability to make and evaluate evidence-based arguments, write reports comprehensible to non-sociologists, and work effectively with people from different races, ethnicities, genders, and classes.

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Sociology graduates can move on to graduate studies or pursue jobs available in business and nonprofit institutions. Because sociology majors are trained in research methods, they are also qualified for positions in industry and government.

Potential Careers with a BA

  • Non-Profit Staff
  • Program Assistant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Government Employee
  • Marketing Repressive
  • Social Service Coordinator

Potential Careers with Graduate School

  • Sociological Researcher
  • Professor/Instructor
  • Demographer
Sociology Profiles
Alumnus Profile: Keith Peterson (2009)
After attending Bethany, Keith got a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU), graduating in December, 2013. He now is an Adult Services Social Worker for Mahnomen County Social Services in Mahnomen, Minnesota (White Earth Reservation).
Matt Behmer
Alumnus, Study Abroad Profile: Matt Behmer (2012)
Matt volunteered in a mission program in Lima, Peru.
Chelsea Dietsche
Study Abroad Profile: Chelsea Dietsche (2011)
Chelsea studied abroad in Cusco, Peru, in a volunteer and Spanish program.
Chelsea Dietsche
Alumna Profile: Chelsea Dietsche (2011)
Chelsea teaches English at La Iglesia Cristiana Luterana, a Lutheran mission in Linares, Chile.
Janessa Becker
Alumna Profile: Janessa Becker (2014)
Janessa is a case manager at Visiting Angels Living Assistance in Mankato, Minn.