Campus Parking Guide

Operating and parking a motor vehicle on the Bethany Lutheran College campus is a privilege extended by the College. Bethany Lutheran College students, faculty and staff are asked to support and help enforce the following parking rules and regulations to ensure that all groups, including our guests, have available safe parking. Violations of the rules and regulations can result in a citation, suspension or revocation of the privilege to drive and park on Bethany grounds. Bethany Lutheran College assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on the campus. All persons who operate a motor vehicle on campus are expected to comply with these rules and regulations.

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Campus Parking Map

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Campus Parking Map

Additional maps are available on our Maps and Directions page.

Registration of All Motor Vehicles (FREE)

All employees and students in attendance at Bethany Lutheran College must register their vehicle with the college. Registration is FREE.

Vehicle registration for students is required for all of the following:

  • By the first day of scheduled classes each semester.
  • Each academic year even if you choose not to purchase a student-parking permit.
  • Any time new license plates or a new vehicle is obtained. (If you get a new vehicle and are waiting for your permanent license plates, register right away.)
  • If you have to drive a loaned vehicle while yours is being repaired. See Business or Security Office to obtain a temporary permit.

To register a vehicle, simply complete the Vehicle Registration Form and turn it into the Business Office. You can also get the form from the Business Office or the Campus Security Office.

Information required at the time of registration includes:

  • Motor vehicle license plate, number and state
  • Vehicle make, model, and color
  • Student contact information

If you are seeking on-campus parking privileges after hours or on a weekend for a new vehicle, please call Campus Security for assistance.

An unregistered vehicle found on campus is subject to a $130 fine. Permits cannot be issued unless the vehicle has been registered and all outstanding parking fines have been paid. Once a vehicle is registered as a student vehicle or an employee vehicle, the vehicle will be treated as such on our campus regardless of who is driving. It is the registered owner's responsibility to share this information with anyone to whom they loan their vehicle.

Please direct all questions regarding motor vehicle registration to the Business Office or the Dean of Students.


Student and employee motorcycles/mopeds do not require a parking permit, but must be registered with the College. (See Registration of All Motor Vehicles). Students are provided with a concrete motorcycle parking area in student parking lot 3 next to Edgewood Place. All other motorcycle/moped parking must be in regular vehicular parking stalls and must abide by all parking and traffic regulations.

Parking Permits

All permits remain the property of Bethany Lutheran College and are obtained through the Business Office. Motor vehicles must be registered prior to obtaining a parking permit. See Registration of All Motor Vehicles.

Parking permits are assigned to one specific individual and vehicle and may not be transferred from one vehicle to another. If you sell, junk, or permanently remove a vehicle from campus, the permit must be removed and returned to the Business Office.

Any new vehicle must then be registered with the Business Office before a new permit will be issued at no additional cost. The parking permit must always match the registered owner and vehicle information on file in the Business Office. It is the registered owner’s responsibility to maintain current information on file with the Business Office.

Display the permit (except hang tags) in the rear window on the lower left-hand corner (driver side). See the photo in the Campus Parking Guide brochure for proper permit location. Contact the Dean of Students regarding alternative permit locations on specialty vehicles such as convertibles or pickups with removable toppers.

A vehicle found displaying a parking permit belonging to another vehicle, or an altered or fabricated permit will be subject to further penalties.  

Student Parking Permits

  • Permits cost $130 for on-campus students; $65 for commuter students. Fee must be paid in advance for the entire academic year.
  • All vehicles parked in student parking lots must display a current Bethany parking permit. Violators will be cited.
  • Parking permits can be purchased at the Business Office. Students will receive a Campus Parking Guide brochure explaining the parking regulations of Bethany Lutheran College.
  • All students with a vehicle are required to register their vehicle and are encouraged to purchase a student parking permit for used in campus parking lots. The City of Mankato has a parking ordinance, which prohibits 24-hour consecutive parking on public streets.
  • One-half of the permit fee will be refunded for students attending only the fall semester, provided the parking permit is returned to the Business Office.
  • All student permits are good for one academic year, cover only one vehicle per student, and are only good in student parking lots 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Commuter students with permits may use any student parking lot, but are encouraged to use lot 4 for their day use. Please refer to the Campus Parking Map.
  • All commuter students who choose not to purchase a student parking permit must park off campus and abide by all City of Mankato parking regulations.

Temporary Student Parking Permits

Students having a student parking permit
If your vehicle is in for repairs and you use a loaned vehicle you must register it and get a (FREE) temporary permit from the business office or security while the loaner is used on campus. Only one of the two vehicles is allowed on campus at any given time. These permits will be in the form of a tag hanging from the rear view mirror.

Students who do not have a student parking permit
Students who do not have a student-parking permit and wish to park on campus for a limited time may register their vehicle and purchase a seven (consecutive) day pass for $7. Temporary permits must be hung from the rear view mirror.

Student Dependents of Employees

Dependents of employees who are students at Bethany Lutheran College must purchase a student parking permit and park in student parking lots. A vehicle may only be issued one type of permit. If the dependent is the primary driver of the vehicle, the vehicle will require a student-parking permit.

Employee Parking Permits

All employees are required to register all their vehicles with the Business Office and obtain a (staff) parking permit (FREE) before they may park in employee lots (See Registration of All Motor Vehicles.) In the event all employee parking lots (5,6,7) are full, employees may park in student parking lots or on public streets.

Employee Overnight parking
Employees must only use Lot #7, across Division St from Honsey Hall, when leaving their personal vehicles on campus overnight during a college related trip. This is especially critical in the winter during snow removal. Vehicles left overnight in other areas may receive citations and will be subject to be towed at the owner’s expense. Employees may not store personal vehicles on campus.

Short-Term Visitor Parking (no permit required)

Visitor parking areas are posted as "Short-Term Visitor Parking, No permit required, No student parking, no parking 2 AM – 7 AM." Visitor parking spaces are closed to students and employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Strict enforcement is required due to limited visitor parking. Students will be fined and vehicle may be towed for using visitor-parking areas. Visitors may park in student or employee lots during events. Event Parking signs indicate visitor parking areas during events. Bethany Lutheran College off-campus (non-residential) students are not visitors. See the Campus Parking Map for further details on available visitor parking areas.

Long-Term Visitor Parking (Overnight Guest Permit required-FREE)

Long-term visitor parking (overnight or between 2 AM – 7 AM) requires an Overnight Guest permit obtained anytime from Campus Security or from the Business Office. Once a permit is displayed by hanging it from the rear view mirror, guests may park overnight in student parking lots 1, 2, 3 or 4. A Visitor Parking brochure with map is provided with each permit. Once the permit expires, please dispose of the permit. The permit is only good for the time frame and vehicle for which it was assigned. A new permit is required with each future visit. Displaying an expired temporary permit is a violation subject to citation and further penalties. Guests may also park overnight on the public street without an Overnight Guest permit, as long as they abide by all City of Mankato parking regulations.

Overnight Guest permits are not for BLC student use.

Students, please inform your guests of visitor parking requirements.

10-Minute Parking Requirements

Ten (10) minute parking areas are posted near residential halls and most academic buildings for loading and unloading only.  Strict enforcement is required due to limited availability. Students will be fined and the vehicle may be towed if abusing 10-minute parking areas. See the campus-parking map for locations. There is no 10-minute, curbside parking on campus.

Special Parking Requests

Short-term special parking requests due to unique circumstances (medical, etc.) must be approved in advance by Campus Security.

Long-term special requests must be approved by the Dean of Students. Long-term parking requests due to medical reasons may require a note from your doctor. No handicap parking privileges can be approved without a state issued Handicap plate or hanging tag.

Bus and Trailer Parking Prohibited

Bethany parking lots are not designed to accommodate long vehicles such as buses or vehicles with trailers attached. The Athletic Facilities Map depicts public street parking adjacent to our athletic fields where large vehicle parking is accommodated. Please contact Campus Security for assistance.

Event Parking

Guests of the College attending on campus events may use visitor-parking areas without a guest-parking permit. During business hours, the College may post employee parking lots with “Event Parking” signs for additional guest parking as needed. All parking areas become visitor parking after 5 PM on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Students (with permits) attending events must only park in designated student parking lots. Students (without permits) may not park in our lots during events. Please refer to the Campus Parking Map for “Suggested Public Street Parking.”

Snow Emergencies

The College may need to call a snow emergency from time to time in addition to the City of Mankato snow emergency. Snow emergencies called by the College will be announced in the Daily Bulletin and by e-mail. In addition, a bright yellow informational poster with the heading "Bethany Snow Emergency" will be placed in strategic locations around campus including residential halls.
Please note the following snow emergency guidelines:


  1. Snow emergency means vehicles must be moved out of a student parking lot during the time frame posted.
  2. The college will attempt to give a 24-hour notice before calling a snow emergency.
  3. The college will try to have the snow emergency on Saturdays. If we need to call a snow emergency on a weekday, we will call it after 5 p.m.
  4. During a snow emergency, students will be allowed to park in designated parking areas as well as on city streets, providing there is no city snow emergency. However, students must return their vehicles to student lots at the end of the snow emergency period.
  5. The college will treat a snow emergency the same way as the City of Mankato. If vehicles are not removed during the snow emergency, they will be issued a citation and towed by All American Towing, 465 Poplar Street, Mankato; (507) 345-5005.
  6. Campus Security and Maintenance will assist students with removing vehicles if necessary (jump start, etc.). If students are unavailable to move their vehicles, they should ask a roommate or a friend to move them.

The City of Mankato has a 24-hour Snow Emergency Hot Line at (507) 387-9001, which addresses parking on the public streets in and around the campus. Students are responsible for keeping track of the City of Mankato snow emergency requirements when parking on public streets. It is not the responsibility of the College to accommodate on campus parking during a city snow emergency.

General Parking Regulations

  • There is no curb-side parking on campus except for loading and unloading for short periods (example: during move-in and move-out).
  • The absence of NO PARKING signs does not imply that parking is allowed.
  • Parked vehicles may not obstruct access of any emergency vehicle (ambulance, police or fire) nor interfere with normal college operations. Vehicles parked in such a manner are subject to being issued a citation and towed.
  • Student drivers may not park in areas restricted as “No Student Parking” regardless of the vehicle they are driving or who it may belong to.
  • Unattended vehicles are considered parked when left unattended for any period of time.
  • Lack of space is not a valid excuse for illegal parking.
  • Parking regulations are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Seeing others parked in violation of the regulations without receiving a citation does not mean you can ignore regulations.
  • Tearing down, altering, defacing, removing or theft of any sign or traffic control device including traffic cones, barricades or sandwich board signs is prohibited. Offenders are subject to administrative sanctions or criminal prosecution.
  • Motorists must yield to the right-of-way to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Any vehicle parked illegally may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Students with permits may only park in student parking lots 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • The lot in front of Larson Hall is restricted to residents of that complex.
  • Larson Hall residents are asked not to park on the public streets below Larson Hall.
  • If for some reason all student parking lots are full, students are to park on the public street and not in employee or visitor parking areas. Please notify Campus Security of the problem.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on sidewalks or lawns.
  • Please drive responsibly. The on-campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
  • Special parking exceptions for extenuating circumstances must have prior approval from Campus Security or the Dean of Students.


  • Bethany Lutheran College assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated and/or parked on campus.
  • Remove keys and valuables and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended.
  • Valuables, if not removed, should be secured in the trunk. Report all thefts and crimes immediately to Campus Security.
  • Disabled vehicles must be reported immediately to Campus Security, either in person or by phone. Notes are not acceptable.

Enforcement Policy

General parking violations include any of the following actions:

  • Courtesy verbal or written warning: Officers are not required to issue a warning but may use their discretion.
  • First, second, and third violations: $15 fine.
  • All subsequent violations: $30 or double the fine.
  • Students parking in visitor parking areas: $25 fine and subject to be towed off campus.
  • Handicap parking violation: $50 fine. Please note: If cited for handicap parking by any local law enforcement officer, the fine may be up to $200.
  • Unregistered student vehicle: $130 fine and subject to immobilization

Bethany reserves the right to increase the fine to $130 for any student parking violation committed when the student failed to register the motor vehicle.

Parking fines must be paid to the Business Office within 14 days from the date and time of issue. The citation number or the license plate number is needed at the time of payment. Unpaid fines that go beyond the 14-day requirement become delinquent. These citations are listed as outstanding.

All unregistered vehicles with an outstanding citation are subject to being immobilized with a wheel lock for nonpayment.

Please note: Parking citations are issued to the registered owner on file with the College. If a vehicle is loaned to a friend who is cited, the registered owner is responsible for the fine.

A wheel lock may also be used on vehicles with any outstanding citation from a prior academic year. The wheel lock removal fee is $25 in addition to all outstanding fines. All fines and fees associated with the wheel lock are to be paid within 24 hours to the Business Office or Campus Security before the wheel lock will be removed. Nonpayment may result in the vehicle being towed off campus.

Tampering or removing a wheel lock is a $75 fine along with damage costs and other possible sanctions.

After consultation with the Dean of Students, the Dean of Students may revoke a parking permit or remove a vehicle from campus when a pattern of noncompliance of parking rules and regulations is observed.

Violators who have been cited more than 5 times within an academic year and have unpaid fines will not be allowed on campus parking privileges.

Nonpayment of fines may also result in being unable to pre-register as a student with Bethany Lutheran College or a hold being placed on a student’s account with the College.

Towing of Motor Vehicles

The towing of vehicles off the College campus is at the discretion of the Director of Facilities. Towing will be considered for any of the following:

  • Vehicles that are banned from the college campus
  • During snow removal operations
  • Students parking in visitor parking areas
  • Student 10-minute parking violations
  • Vehicles blocking or preventing free movement of other motor vehicle traffic, hazards, safety concerns, nonpayment of fines, a pattern of noncompliance of parking rules and regulations
  • Parking in a restricted area or in visitor parking and employee parking areas between 2 AM - 7 AM.

All towing will be done at the vehicle owner’s expense. Towing will be done by All American Towing, 465 Poplar Street (507) 345-5005.

Appeals Process

Individuals who believe they may have received a ticket in error or feel there are good reasons why they should not have received a ticket, must first contact the Dean of Students to discuss the details surrounding the violation.

If the matter still goes unresolved, you have the right to submit an appeal within 14 days after the ticket has been issued. Fines and wheel lock fees must still be paid within the prescribed time period (14 days). The appeal form may be obtained from the Business Office or from Campus Security. The completed appeal form must be turned in to and signed by the Dean of Students.

The Parking Appeal Committee can only handle appeals for tickets issued by Bethany Campus Security. The committee has no jurisdiction over city/state infractions. If the appeal is decided in the violator’s favor, they will be reimbursed for any fines paid.