Sample Curriculum

The following schedule is an example of how you might progress through the psychology major. The psychology courses you choose will meet the requirements for your area of emphasis. Your advisor will work with you to establish your psychology curriculum and ensure that you meet all general education requirements before graduation. To further explore what your schedule might look like, browse all psychology courses.

Fall (Freshmen) Cr. Spring (Freshmen) Cr.
PSYC210 General Psychology 4 PSYC220 Human Growth & Develop. 3
Fall (Sophomore)   Spring (Sophomore)  
PSYC350 Abnormal Psychology 3 PSYC310 Personality 3
PSYC360 Educ. Psych. & Human Relations 3    
Fall (Junior)   Spring (Junior)  
PSYC420 Psych. Testing & Measurements 3 PSYC340 Social Psychology 3
PSYC470 Supervised Study 3    
Fall (Senior)   Spring (Senior)  
PSYC450 Principles & Strategies of Counseling 3 PSYC475 History & Systems Of Psych. 3
    PSYC460 Facilitating Groups 3
Total Credits:   37