Research Posters

Psychological Testing and Measurements is an upper division course that provides an understanding of tests and behavioral measurement techniques. The course concludes with a formal poster presentation, wherein students present to the campus the findings of their research. Creating and presenting a research poster is a great way to gain valuable experience that employers are looking for.

Examples of past research topics include:

  • New Experiences (Neophilia)
  • Measuring Trust in Female College Students
  • Driving Anger Scale
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • How Controlling are You?
  • Learning Style
  • Modeling Control in Relationships
  • Success Changing People for the Worse
  • The Satisfaction with Life Scale
  • Role Ambiguity
  • Social Connectedness and Assurance
  • Sensation Seeking

In this course, you will become familiar with intelligence, personality, and industrial, psychological measures. The basic principles of behavior are introduced and students learn to design and implement observation assessments.

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