The Psychology Major Tree

To assist our students in grasping the range of opportunities that await them within the field, we unpack our major through the use of a metaphor, a tree. 

You will first take General Psychology and Human Growth and Development. These two courses, the roots of the major, provide you with an introduction to many of the concepts and topics addressed in the field of psychology. This gives you an overview of the field as a whole.
With the roots serving as your foundation, a range of other courses form the trunk of the tree. Content that was addressed in only a page or single lecture in General Psychology or Human Development is now examined over an entire semester. Examples of these courses include:

Once you have been exposed to the depth of the field, we encourage you to take a few courses examining what psychologist do with this information, how they apply this information to the world at large. Examples of these courses include: 

The image of the tree. Toward the end of your studies, our capstone course gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned about psychology as a whole (what does this tree look like to you?).  We also offer a unique course called Supervised Study, which allows you to figure out how you can best serve others through using the information you have gained as a psychology major (where do you belong in the tree?).

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