Evan Oman

Student Profile: Evan Oman

Evan Oman

Hometown: Becker, Minnesota

What are your career aspirations and future goals?
After Bethany I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a M.S. degree in applied mathematics. From there I intend to obtain a position developing software. Ultimately my dream job would be to work for an innovative company such as Google, Wolfram Alpha, or Adobe to solve interesting problems on a daily basis.

Tell us about your research experience. 
While at Bethany I have had the opportunity to research a variety of mathematical subjects, but one experience that was particularly rewarding was my Linear Algebra project on special relativity. This project is a required part of the mathematics curriculum at Bethany and developed my ability to perform and present independent research. Following my class presentation at Bethany I was encouraged by my professors to present this research again at a regional meeting of the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics organization. Along with several other Bethany students I attended the conference and had the opportunity to sit in on a variety of interesting talks and meet math majors from several Midwestern schools. This unique experience was very enriching and allowed me to further enhance my mathematics education while developing lasting skills and relationships.

Which Bethany course has been the most interesting to you?
My top choice would be Numerical Analysis. It was this demanding course that introduced me to the intrinsic compatibility of mathematics and computer science. At the time I happened to also be enrolled in a programming course at BLC so I spent the semester writing a large amount of code. It was the combination of these courses that really inspired me to pursue a career in software.

Describe the Bethany faculty members.
As early as my freshman year I can recall a feeling of camaraderie that you wouldn't expect out of a student-professor relationship. In addition to being friendly, approachable, and available, the Bethany professors have also challenged me beyond any of my expectations as an incoming freshman. They have pushed me to study beyond the scope of a given class in order to come to a more complete understanding of the material at hand. Overall the BLC faculty have left me with not just an understanding of a dizzying breadth of material, but also some of the key tools needed to do well in my life beyond college.

What is the best thing about being a Bethany student?
Probably my favorite part of being a Bethany student is being part of the tight-knit Bethany community; I am surrounded by faculty, staff, and administrators who are completely devoted to my individual success. This commitment is manifested through constant attention to individual student needs along with the creation of immensely valuable personal connections that really set you apart in this demanding job market. In fact I have a paid summer internship lined up for the summer of 2013 that was made possible through Bethany connections. While it is hard to quantify this factor on paper, I think that the professional and personal connections I was able to make at Bethany have had the most profound effect on my education so far.

What activities are you involved in outside of the classroom?
One of my most formative experiences has been my involvement with Student Senate and my privilege of serving as the Student Body President. In this role I have improved my interpersonal and leadership skills while working with the other senators to create meaningful memories and relationships while making improvements to the campus as a whole. This experience, in addition to my involvement as a Resident Assistant and Student Club Founder, has supplemented my coursework perfectly by honing my personal and professional skills that will prove to be invaluable in the work place.