Student Profile: Emily Heintz


Hometown: Fulda, Minnesota

Where are you student teaching and what ages/grades are you working with?
I previously taught 4th grade at Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton in Janesville, Minnesota, and now I'm teaching middle school science for 7th-8th graders at Maple River Elementary School, Mapleton, Minnesota.

Tell us about your student teaching experience.
I started off by observing for a few days, then I started writing lessons and teaching one class. The next week I added another subject area, then another, and another until I was teaching full-time by myself. I learned so much about the pacing of a classroom day and how to deal with discipline issues, plus my supervising teacher was there to give me suggestions and step in if needed.

How have your experiences outside the classroom prepared you for your future? 
I definitely have a better grasp on classroom management (making sure the students don't go crazy)!  The professors make sure you get plenty of practice teaching before you're sent off to the real world. I wasn't very confident in my teaching abilities when I started the program. Now I'm completely ready to take over my own classroom. 

Which Bethany course has been the most interesting to you and why? 
My favorite class was Children's Literature; I'd take it again if I could!
Describe the Bethany faculty members.
The BLC professors are always willing to help you out.  They are a great listeners and will push you to do your best, no matter what. When I was struggling with what I should do after graduation, my adviser gave me some excellent advice: look at the gifts God has given you; what are your talents and how/where can they be of most service? It's really easy to lose sight of that and to only think about yourself, when we really should be asking God where we fit in. 
Tell us about building your teaching portfolio.
It's a lot of work! You gradually do the assignments to put in your portfolio, but at the end of your semester of student teaching you get a few days to put all four years of your schooling into a website and then present it in front of your professors. I'm excited to start working on it again; it's basically a showcase of everything you've completed and is meant to show off your creativity and talents.