Abigail Popp

Alumna Profile: Abigail Popp

Abigail Popp

Abigail Popp
Abigail works as a radio personality for KDUZ and KARP Radio in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

WHAT YOU DO • • • I am a radio personality for KDUZ and KARP Radio. Between the two stations I have the opportunity to inform and entertain our 10-county listening area. One of my favorite parts of the job is the opportunity to interview community leaders and interact with the members of the public. I also write and report local news stories, and I received honorable mention in 2010 from the Associated Press for "Best Newscast." Other responsibilities include updating news and other items on our station's website, doing live broadcasts on location, engineering local sports broadcasts, and writing and recording commercials.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU • • • I've listened to local radio my entire life. One of the things I remember most from my childhood is being at home with my mom and having the radio on in the background of whatever else we were doing. I realized in high school how much I liked the idea of being the first to know something, and through my studies at Bethany I began to better understand the power of information and the importance of sharing it, which is the purpose of radio at its core.

HOW YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE • • • So far in my career, radio has given me the opportunity to entertain and share news and stories that matter to people about whom I care. While many people in broadcasting probably aspire to move into bigger markets, I have always liked the idea of knowing my listening audience in a way that is only possible in small-market radio. At some point in the future I could see the possibility of becoming a news or program director at a local radio station.

HOW BETHANY HAS PREPARED YOU • • • One of the most important things I received from Bethany was the opportunity to do two separate internships. I was blessed to receive experience working at both a newspaper and a radio station, which helped me to understand more about each of those fields and about how mass media works. Bethany also gave me a solid, balanced liberal arts education which means that I have skills that could help me transition to another job in radio or another field of work entirely if that were ever my desire. Throughout my time at Bethany I was a member of both the Speech Team and the student newspaper, and my senior year I had the opportunity to be the layout editor for the newspaper. This allowed me to experience another aspect of mass media, and it also helped me learn how to lead and communicate with others, an invaluable skill in the workplace.

WHAT YOU REMEMBER MOST • • • More than anything from Bethany, I remember the relationships I formed with people, and the fun I had with roommates, friends, and teammates. My time at Bethany was filled with activities, classes, homework, and papers; but the most prominent memories I have from include time spent with people I cared about.

ADVICE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS • • • Always try to remember that God has a plan for you. Doing that will help make school, and especially graduation, much less stressful because you'll know that God is the one in control. It's also really helpful to get as much experience and do as many internships as possible.