Philip Kaminsky

Name:Philip Kaminsky
Hometown: New Prague, Minnesota
BLC Class of: 2012
Major: history

Campus Activities: Army ROTC, intramural sports, performing arts

What’s on your iPod: 80s rock, classic rock, light rock, hard rock, reggae, folk

Favorite campus activity: Noche de Salsa. Delicious food, great music, and dancing!

Career aspiration: I want to be a history professor with a hobby orchard, vineyard, and winery.

Your take on Bethany professors: Bethany professors are willing to work with any special requirements and will always help you if you ask.  When they are in the office, the door is always open.

Best Bethany experience: My favorite experience so far was playing a principle role in the theater production "Jam Jar Sonnets."

Why you chose Bethany: The size, location, affordability, and Christian atmosphere.

Hobbies/Interests: Running, guitar, video games. I’m interested in mediaeval warfare and just took up blacksmithing. I’ve run four full marathons and three half marathons. I’ve also traveled to Ireland, China, and Israel.