Nursing Prerequisite Requirements

General Education/Prerequisite Requirements

At the time of application to the core nursing program, science credits, including transfer science credits and science credits taken at Bethany, cannot be older than six (6) years. This includes the following courses: BIOL101, BIOL151, CHEM107, CHEM113, BIOL221, BIOL222, and BIOL360. Students with science credits older than six (6) years will need to retake applicable science credits.

*A grade of “C” or higher (per individual course scale) must be obtained in each of the prerequisite and support courses.

Required pre-requisite and support courses may be repeated only once. No more than three (3) required pre-requisite and support courses may be repeated. All of the required pre-requisite and support courses thereafter must be at least a “C” to qualify for admission to or progression in the nursing program. Failing a total of four (4) required pre-requisite and/or support courses will result in denial of admission to or dismissal from the nursing program. All failed required courses will be counted towards the dismissal policy (i.e. If first attempt is failed and the course is successfully repeated, the first attempt will be counted as one (1) failure for the dismissal policy). Two (2) withdrawals (either withdrawal passing or withdrawal failing) from the same required pre-requisite, support, or nursing course will be considered as one (1) failure and will count towards the dismissal policy.