Clubs and Organizations

B-Town Drumline

Advisor: Adrian LoStudent Contact: Amanda Fisher
The B-Town Drumline was founded by a student and is run, funded, and directed by students. It is an energy-packed ensemble made up of students who love to drum. The B-Town Drumline performs halftime shows at basketball games and special appearances (e.g. Fall Festival, Luthapalooza, Midnight Madness).


Advisor: Denice Woller
Love animals? Bethany Animal Recreation Klub is is your club! Past activities included volunteering at the Humane Society, bringing service dogs to campus, a trip to the Minnesota Zoo, and more!

Bethany Activities Committee

Advisor: Renee TatgeStudent Contact: Josh Grove
BAC makes the fun happen on campus! Whether you have some great ideas for events, are good at organizing and party-planning, or are just willing to help make events happen, BAC is the place for you. Major events sponsored by BAC include Best Week Ever, Viking Cup, the Super Bowl Party, Spring Formal and many more!.

Bethany Law Club

Advisor: Sara EdwardsStudent Contact: Rachael Melby
Bethany’s Law Club is for any student who is interested in a law-related career such as lawyer, paralegal, court administrator, police/corrections officer, and many others. The Law Club takes several field trips throughout the year including trips to watch court proceedings, trips to law conferences and conventions, and many other exciting law-related activities.

BLC News

Advisor: Greg Vandermause | Student Contact: Anna Meyer
BLC News teaches the fundamentals of journalism and production. Students act as reporters and anchors to produce a campus news show. It is a great opportunity to learn the basics of daily news.


Advisor: Eric Theiste | Student Contact: Alexa Alfred, Nicole Moldstad
The Bethany Organization of Student Scientists (BOSS) is the science club on the Bethany campus. Members are typically majoring in mathematics, chemistry, or biology though all students are welcome. The group organizes science-related events including field trips and guest speakers. Past speakers have talked to students about graduate studies, medical school, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Business Club

Advisor: Andy Krueger | Student Contact: Nadiya Borsch
The Bethany Business Club exposes business students to the real world by providing opportunities for tours, speakers, and other events.

Center for Intercultural Development and Resources (CIDR) 

Advisor: Jonathan Stadler
CIDR is a conduit for compassion, conversation, and comprehension between the various races, ethnicities, socio-economic, and regional backgrounds represented at BLC. CIDR raises awareness and appreciation of the diverse student populations, and endorses a culturally diverse environment.

Center for Urban Teaching

Advisor: Carrie PfeiferStudent Contact: Abigail Wegner
The purpose of CfUT is to identify, prepare, and support potential urban teachers. Through the cohort on campus they expose BLC students to urban environments by traveling to urban schools and immersing themselves in them.

Colleges Against Cancer

Advisor: Estelle Vlieger | Student Contact: Alexa Alfred, Megan Sons, Alex Ford
(CAC) is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by working to implement the programs and mission of the American Cancer Society.


Advisor: Ted Manthe | Student Contact: Ella Andreasen
The Cross Terrain Sports Club is an organization which strives to promote adventure enthusiasm through outdoor experience. The organization provides a variety of outdoor recreational and sporting activities open to all students of Bethany. Activities include, but are not limited, to cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, road biking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, trail running, triathalons, and kayaking.

Fidelis (Bethany's Yearbook)

Advisor: Denice WollerStudent Contact: Crystal Olson
Fidelis students meet weekly as a class to learn the process of producing a yearbook. As the historical publication on campus, these students’ work is viewed years down the road. Staff members write stories and put the work together on the pages sent to press. Being a part of the Fidelis is a great chance for students to learn about journalism, meet new people and also produce a body of work that could help them get a job in any field after graduation.


Advisor: Lissa HorneberStudent Contact: Jessica Oas, Ellie Mumme
Inkwell is a literary magazine that showcases creative writing and artwork by the Bethany community. Inkwell staff manages every aspect of production, from designing layout to organizing and reading submissions, and all students are welcome to submit work!

MSU Hockey Broadcast

Advisor: Greg VandermauseStudent Contacts: Sarah Meilner, David Schuyler, Kalley Hoshaw.
Students learn the world of sports broadcasting through our partnership with Minnesota State hockey. 


Advisor: Denice Woller
Photojournalism students meet weekly as a class to learn about techniques used by professional photojournalists. It’s a great chance for students to meet new people, go to new events and see their work published in various locations.

Production Studio

Advisor: Greg Vandermause
The production studio is a great place to learn about all things media related. Students get involved with campus shows to live sports broadcasting, as well as the many areas of postproduction such as video editing and motion graphics.

Psychology Club

Advisor: Jonathan StadlerStudent Contact: Travis Mord
The Psychology Club promotes activities that explore topics related to psychology, e.g. game nights, speakers, Psychology Week. Everyone who is curious about what people act, think, and feel the way they do, is welcome to join!

Scholastic Leadership Society (SLS)

Advisor: Eric Woller
The SLS exists to recognize academic achievement, leadership, and citizenship among students at Bethany; to promote student leadership experiences; and to sponsor community learning activities in order to expand educational opportunities beyond the classroom.


Advisor: Denice WollerStudent Contact: Megan Cavanaugh
Students meet as a class weekly to learn the processes undergone in a campus newspaper. They learn about journalism, understand what it’s like to work in a newspaper environment, meet new people and produce a body of work that could help get a job in any field after graduation.

Sigma Tau Delta

Advisor: Lars Johnson
Bethany’s chapter of the Internatinal English Honor Society strives to enhance it’s members interest in literature and writing and challenges them to help foster an understanding of the value of reading and writing in various settings and in the community.


Advisor: Jon LogingStudent Contact: Jeff Olsen and Zeffie Woods
The Speech Team promotes the ability to speak with confidence and conviction. The team competes in an average of 25 tournaments throughout the school year and has traveled across the country and internationally to compete. The Bethany Speech Team motto is “Take the Room!” When you are speaking, everyone is there to listen to you. You have the power! 

Social Society of Nerds

Advisor: Matt RiehlStudent Contact: Colleen Croy
The purpose of the Bethany Social Society of Nerds is to unite nerds from across campus and genres to make friends and share the things they love.

Stone Path Studios

Advisor: Andy KruegerStudent Contact: Megan Tonn
Are you talented in making videos, graphic art, animation, web sites, or really anything with technology? Do you want to get paid for these skills? Then Bethany’s Stone Path Studios might just be a good fit. Stone Path Studios as a career focused organization that allows you to use these skills on real projects while getting paid.


Advisor: Don MoldstadStudent Contact: Colleen Croy
S.T.O.R.M. (Serving Through Outreach, Relief, and Missions) serves to increase campus awareness of mission efforts, to support mission work of organizations affiliated with Bethany, and to better equip Bethany students to share the Gospel in their day-to-day lives and to develop as Christian servant-leaders. 

Student Senate

Advisor: Ted MantheStudent Contact: Tim Faugstad
The purpose of the Student Senate is to represent the students in all matters of concern to the student body and to serve as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff and administration. It is actively involved in sponsoring a variety of social activities and convocations. Elections to the Student Senate take place every fall and spring. Learn more.

Ultimate Frisbee

Advisor: Don MoldstadStudent Contact: Josh Grove
Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport that mixes the best features of sports such as soccer, basketball, american football, and netball into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game. 

World Club

Advisor: Susan Harstad
Bethany’s World Club supports international students and sponsors a number of cross-cultural learning opportunities. We would love for you to come and be a part! World Club helps all students at Bethany to learn more about each other, including our cultures, backgrounds, and traditions. Learn more.

XC Ski

Advisor: Ted MantheStudent Contact: Timothy Krause, Katherine Farquhar
Embrace one of Minnesota’s greatest resources - Winter! The BLC XC Ski Club has a collection of XC skis, and seeks to get out and exercise throughout the winter months.