Professor Emeritus Erling Teigen, Bethany Lutheran College archivist, wrote a terrific story for our most recent edition of the Bethany Magazine about alumni legacy families at Bethany. It’s a wonderful testament which demonstrates, in part, why Bethany is such a special institution of higher education. What follows are excerpts from the story. You may read the entire story (with photos) in the December 2017 issue on the Bethany Magazine webpage

Bethany’s second year head men’s basketball coach Matt Fletcher had the opportunity to meet a Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association and Bethany Lutheran College Hall of Famer after the Vikings 84-69 road win at the University of Wisconsin-Stout on November 29. 

Bethany Lutheran College is looking to the sun for a portion of its future electricity needs. The College has elected to partner with the Community Solar Garden (CSG) program and will be receiving some of its power from local solar farms. A CSG is a large array of solar panels that a customer can subscribe to rather than installing solar panels on location. A subscriber does not own or maintain the solar panels and does not receive the actual electrons they produce.

Bethany, because of its size and personal attention from professors, affords students the opportunity to participate in things that are not always part of an undergraduate experience. One such event was a recent poster presentation by psychology students. On Monday, November 6, several students displayed their posters in the lobby of Old Main with the goal to explain both research topics and recent internship experiences to the campus. 

Among a long list of positive things about Bethany Lutheran College, perhaps one attribute that rises to the top is the wonderful personalities on campus. Bethany is a college where personal mentorship occurs on a variety of levels. That includes professors, library staff, resident assistants, and in the case of this story - the cafeteria staff. 

Bethany Lutheran College junior Maddy Elmquist (South St. Paul, Minn.) was selected as a recipient of the Mankato Business Professional Women (MBPW) 2017 Scholarship Award at a recent MBPW meeting.

Elmquist is a junior majoring in both legal studies and psychology, and is currently interning at Christian Family Solutions. Since 1965, Christian Family Solutions has been a provider of Christian counseling, in-home care, and senior services for individuals, families, congregations, and communities.