Gospel Outreach with Media Conference Set to Open

Gospel Outreach with Media Conference Set to Open

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The third annual Gospel Outreach With Media (GOWM) online conference opens to the public on October 23, welcoming active discussion for three weeks until November 13. The conference is sponsored by the Christ in Media Insitute at Bethany Lutheran College. Two dozen experts explore how technology can be used to reach out with the gospel in the U.S. and around the world, including a visit to the Reformation Art Show at Bethany Lutheran College. Anyone interested in the topics is invited to partcipate. Registration is not required and it's free - just go online to www.gowm.org

A complete list of topics: 

Our Message

  • (in German) An East German Experience – Jonas Schröter (English translation available)
  • The Gospel for Today (and Always) – Mark Harstad

Special Reformation Anniversary Presentations

  • The Bethany Reformation Art Show: 40 Artists and their Works – Bill Bukowski
  • Visual Arts in the Reformation (panel) – Luke Ulrich, Paul Burmeister, Tim Schmeling
  • Making Martin Luther: Return to Grace – John Braun
  • Reviews of All the Luther Movies 1953 to Today – Clark Schultz

Other Presentations

  • (Re)Creating Church History: Producing an Historical Film without Historical Film – Jeff Hendrix
  • WELSTech’s Gospel Outreach Discoveries – Sallie Draper
  • Media Outreach Opportunities in East Africa – Ikweri Anariko (in Kenya), Kebede Yibezu (in Ethiopia)
  • Filmmaking Overseas – Ben Lundsten
  • Christian Indie Film Production – Steve Corona
  • Telling Christian Stories via Internet Audio Worldwide – Ted Petersen
  • Distance Tech Supporting Mission: Brazil – Beth Flunker
  • Planning a Career in Production: Generalize or Specialize? – Jeff Bukowski
  • Traditional Technology: Spreading the Gospel through Ink, Wood, Stone, Glass and Cloth– Judy Kuster
  • Connecting to Christ - Sharing the Gospel Around the World – Julia Majerus-Wagenknecht
  • Outreach in My Community: LA – Matt Behmer  (in Spanish - English translation available)
  • Outreach in My Community: Germany – Lorenz Holland-Moritz  (in German - English translation available)
  • Outreach in My Community: Australia – Jennifer Oldman
  • Promoting Mission from a Distance: Haiti – Luke Gartner
  • Gospel Tech in Central Africa – Doug Weiser, Rob Wendland, Dan Sargent, Dan Kroll
  • Streaming Worship in World Languages – Tom Kuster