Bethany names building after former board chair

Bethany names building after former board chair

Friday, December 9, 2011
Milton E. Tweit

The Bethany Lutheran College Board of Regents unanimously resolved at their August 2011 meeting to name the former Seminary/Bethany Communication Center in honor of the Reverend Milton E. Tweit. Tweit served Bethany Lutheran College as a Regents member for 56 years (21 years as chairman). Both are records for board service.

Tweit also served as the chairman of the building committee that authorized and oversaw the construction of the building now bearing his name. The building, an important space on the Bethany Lutheran College campus, is a multi-use facility serving both the art and health science departments.

Naming a building in Tweit’s honor is also significant because it marks the first time a Bethany facility has been named for someone that has not been directly employed by the college.

President Dan Bruss said of the decision, “It is indeed a fitting honor for a man who dedicated his life to the ongoing welfare of Bethany Lutheran College.”