Bethany capital campaign moves toward goal

Bethany capital campaign moves toward goal

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The final phases of Bethany Lutheran College’s Faithful Future capital campaign are nearing completion with the overall goal of $28 million in sight. The efforts were boosted through strong support for student scholarships and through generous Mankato community backing. Supporters in the Mankato area generously donated to the campaign even at a time when other organizations in the area were conducting their own campaigns and the economy was slowing. Nearly $650,000 has been donated to Bethany from businesses and friends in the Mankato community.

The case for the campaign was first presented in December 2006. The goals of the campaign focused on a variety of needs at Bethany. First and foremost was the construction of a new academic building to replace an aging Luther Hall (100 years old) and expanding the facilities for Bethany’s growing communication and media arts programs. With the recent completion of Honsey Hall at the corner of Division and Marsh Streets, the addition of the needed space for the College and the community has been realized. Several community groups use the space on a regular basis including Southern Minnesota Advocates, Mayo Foundation Board, and Leave a Legacy.

The “Faithful Future” campaign for Bethany Lutheran College:

Campus Facilities -     $20,000,000                           

International Education -        $1,000,000                             

Endowed Scholarships -         $2,000,000                             

Library Endowment - $1,000,000                             

One Endowed Academic Chair -         $1,000,000                             

Faculty Development -           $1,000,000

Annual Support -        $2,000,000     

CAMPAIGN GOAL — $28,000,000

The campaign is being conducted in five phases: lead gifts, faculty and staff, church, community, and finally alumni and friends. A historically supportive group of alumni and friends will be asked to support the campaign in 2013. To date, $25,995,696 has been committed to the campaign.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Mankato community and thankful to all of the campaign supporters. It has given us the opportunity to share Bethany’s story,” said Art Westphal, Bethany’s campaign director.

A team of local volunteers including the Community Campaign Director, David Wittenberg of U.S. Bank, led the Mankato portion of the campaign.

Wittenberg noted, “Bethany's recent milestone of $26.0 million in capital campaign commitments is a true testament to the overwhelming support of their mission, both by faithful alumni and the broader community. Donors recognize the importance placed on teaching our future leaders intellectual and creative growth, spiritual development, self-understanding and responsible citizenship. We are blessed as a region to have an institution like Bethany focused on talent development issues along with their role as a model corporate citizen.”

While the campaign focused on the areas mentioned, the results with respect to scholarship growth have led the way in donor support. The goal for scholarship funds was $2 million and to date nearly $5.3 million has been donated for student support.

“Bethany Lutheran College students qualify for financial aid at a higher rate than most private colleges in Minnesota,” said Bethany President Dan Bruss. “The fact that donors recognize the need that exists at Bethany and have generously supported our efforts to raise funds for scholarship growth is significant, and it gives a boost to our commitment to keeping a Bethany education affordable.”

 “We are looking forward to bringing the Bethany story to additional friends and supporters during 2013,” said Art Westphal.