Media and Webcasts

Please see the Bethany YouTube channel for recent videos, or Chapelcast for chapel audio and video.

Selected choir recordings from 2000, 2001, and 2007 are made possible by Memorials for Marie (Daisy) Lee.

Title When
New Music Recital February 2016
New Music Recital February 2017
Mikel Lauber Alumnus Profile October 2012
Merry Christmas from Bethany Lutheran College 2015 December 2015
Merry Christmas from Bethany Lutheran College December 2012
Mary Martha Singers and Handbell Choir perform November 2014
Lois Jaeger Retirement Program May 2013
Liquid Nitrogen Ping Pong Ball Explosion November 2013
Leaf Me Alone December 2011
Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117) May 2000
Kristen Budahn alumni interview February 2012
Kludtke & Maunula Recital April 2011
Kayla Busch and Grace Stromer Recitals April 2016
Kathryn Wurster & Bethel Balge - Faculty Recital September 2011
Jonathan Mayer Art Lecture and Reception November 2013
Jason Jaspersen Art Lecture and Reception February 2014
Jam Jar Sonnets January 2010
Inauguration of President Gene Pfeifer November 2015
Honsey Hall Walkthrough March 2010
Homecoming Choir Concert 2011 May 2011
Hans Utter, sitar with Bethany String Band March 2016
Hamlet Trailer created by Bethany senior Andrew Asp April 2013
Grow your faith at Bethany Lutheran College September 2016
Give to Bethany Day November 2013
Finding your path at Bethany Lutheran College September 2016
Fall Play - Leveling Up November 2015
Fall Play - Icehouse, by Peter Bloedel November 2016
Fall Play - A Christmas Carol November 2014
Fall Honors Recital December 2011
Fall Commencement 2016 December 2016
Fall Commencement 2015 December 2015
Fall Commencement 2014 December 2014
Fall Commencement 2013 December 2013
Fall Commencement 2012 December 2012
Fall Commencement 2011 December 2011
Fall Commencement 2010 December 2010
ELS Summer Honor Choir Camp June 2012
Eddie Hamilton Art Lecture September 2008
Distinguished Alumni - Darold Treffert October 2012
Daniel Kaniess, Mixed Media Art February 2016
Creator of the Starry Height May 2000
Crazy Monday May 2010
Concert Band and Jazz Band Homecoming Concert March 2016
Concert and Jazz Band performance September 2014
Commencement Vespers 2014 May 2014
Commencement Vespers 2012 May 2012
Commencement Vespers 2011 May 2011
College Fair October 2014
Christmas at Bethany Concert December 2014
Christmas at Bethany Concert December 2014