Meal Plans

To best meet students' needs, Bethany's Dining Services is committed to offering quality meals that satisfy a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements. All on-campus residential students are required to subscribe to the continuous access full meal plan. Students living in on-campus apartments may choose the 'continuous access full meal plan', or select a reduced '5-meal per week plan'.  Students may opt for a different meal plan up through the tenth day of classes each semester. Email Residential Life if you wish to change your meal plan.

Students MUST bring their Bethany Student ID card (or a valid temporary ID) to all meals, as they are not allowed to give their ID number verbally.

Continuous Access Full Meal Plan

This plan gives students unlimited daily access to Dining Services during the hours of operation. It is the default meal plan for all residential students.

Five Meal Per Week Plan

This plan is available to residents who live in apartment-style housing, such as Edgewood Place, the Gullixson Hall apartments, Larson Hall, or off-campus. Students may access the Dining Center five times each week throughout the entire semester (approximately 88 meals total).

Flex Dollar Account

Flex dollar accounts are a way for non-resident (off-campus) students to pay for individual meals without using cash for each visit. Students carry a Flex Dollar balance on their ID card; at each meal taken, the cost of the meal is deducted from the balance. Flex Dollars are purchased directly from the foodservice cashier as needed. With Flex Dollar purchases of $25 or more in a single transaction, a 10% credit will be given. For example, a $30 purchase would add 33 Flex Dollars to the student's account. The Flex Dollar account option is not available for students living on campus.