Mathematics Major

As a mathematics major, you will find that math is not as much about numbers as it is the study of patterns and structure. Beyond solving equations, you will use mathematical skills to reason through and analyze information in an exciting field that is constantly growing and changing.

Additionally, you will develop the creativity necessary to find connections amid the logical framework. Through this analysis and application you will practice critical thinking and gain a better understanding of the world. Furthermore, our mathematics major allows you to develop a firm spiritual and moral foundation. Read more.

  • Alumni Outcomes: Our passionate graduates do all sorts of interesting things.
  • Capstone: Our students get ahead through their ambitious final projects.
  • Student Achievements: Conference presentations connect our students to the field
Mathematics Profiles
Brittany Zabel
Alumna Profile: Brittany Zabel (2012)
Brittany is currently a teaching assistant at MSU-Mankato, where she is pursuing graduate studies in mathematics. She is also the women's soccer assistant coach at Bethany Lutheran College.
Craig Rossiter
Alumnus Profile: Craig Rossiter (2012)
Craig is currently a Graduate Assistant-Mathematics Tutor at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, where he is pursuing graduate studies in Actuarial Science.
Tova Brown
Alumna Profile: Tova Brown (2010)
Tova Brown was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation and is currently pursuing graduate studies.
Angela Kraft
Alumna Profile: Angela Kraft (2012)
Studied both independently and internationally while enrolled at Bethany. Currently a mathematics graduate student at University of Arizona.
Anna Cepek
Alumna Profile: Anna Cepek (2012)
Anna is currently a graduate student in mathematical sciences at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. She is also a teachers assistant.