Liberal Arts Major Requirements

Entry into the Major

Students should declare Liberal Arts as their intended major as early in their college career as possible by filing a Declaration of Major and Change of Advisor forms with the registrar. The student's advisor should be from the area of the student's concentration, and must be approved by the director of the liberal arts major. Formal acceptance into the major, however, occurs at the end of the sophomore year. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above.

Core Requirements

  1. A distribution of three- and four-hundred level courses in the following areas: Social Studies (2 courses); Arts and Humanities (3 courses); History (1 course); Science/Math (2 courses)
  2. At least one concentration (see below)
  3. HIST490 Introduction to Historical Research and Writing
  4. HIST495 Senior Seminar in History


Choose your concentration to determine complete major requirements.