Legal Studies Major

Learn the Law, Live the Faith

Basic knowledge of the legal system is important for a wide variety of careers. Many professionals, especially in the public sector, need a comprehensive understanding of what the legal system is, how it works, how it relates to social change, and how to assist people in asserting their rights. 

The Legal Studies Department offers both a major and minor in Legal Studies. These pre-law programs are geared to developing skills in legal careers. The program emphasizes law in a social context within a broad-based liberal arts curriculum. It focuses on enhancing critical and analytical thinking, research, and writing skills. Students learn how the law is interpreted, applied, created, and how it evolves.

Potential Careers: 

  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  • Lawyer
  • Court Administrator
  • Lobbyist
  • Social Worker
  • Probations Officer
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Corrections Personnel
  • Police Officer

 *Some careers may require additional training, graduate, or law school.

Sara Edwards

Dan Birkholz

Ryan MacPherson