Copying and Scanning


Place the pages to be copied into the tray face-up, or onto the glass copying surface face-down.

Next, enter the number of copies you want to print on the keypad, located on the printer’s main panel. If left empty, it will make only one copy.

At this point, there are many possible options to alter your copying job.

  • Zoom: This allows you to enlarge the image you are copying by a percentage.
  • Paper Size: On the left side, on the depiction of the printer, there are three sizes one can choose to print on (automatically converted from the size of paper they’ve put into the copier.
    • LG: Legal Sized Paper
    • LD: Ledger Sized Paper
    • LT: Letter (standard 8.5” x 11”) Paper.
  • Finishing: This allows many convenient options, such as staples and hole-punching. Note: Finishing is not available through webprint, and is only available on some copiers.
  • Sides: This allows one to set the manner of printing from one-sided to two-sided in the case that you need to copy a multiple page document.
  • Text/Photo: This allows one to specialize the scanning and copying process to better process photos or text, depending on what you choose.

Push the start button to begin copying. Please press the Function Clear button after the print job is done. This makes it much easier for the next person to use the printer.


Place the pages into the tray face up or face down (if on the glass scanner), much like copying.

You can change many settings by hitting the "Common Setting" Button.

  • DPI: This is the detail of the scan. Higher numbers is more details.
  • Pages: You can change whether it sees your scans as a book, or two-sided page here.
  • Color: you may set whether the scans are black and white or color.
  • File type: You can choose what the scanned files will become when scanned. The IT Services department prefers .JPEG or .PDF files.

Press the scan button on the right side. When selected, it should glow green.

To scan to a USB Flash drive or similar device:

Touch "FILE/USB" on the screen.
Then, select your USB drive from the presented menu.
Hit the start button, and wait until the document has scanned and the file is transferred to your device.
Don’t forget to push the function clear button when finished.

To scan to email:

Touch the email button on the screen. It should bring you to this menu.

If you've scanned to email before, your email address may be stored. Select it from the list of displayed addresses. Otherwise, press the "INPUT @" button, which will display a keyboard to enter your address:

Type your email address (using the physical keypad below the screen for any numbers in the address) and then push the "OK" button on the screen. It will bring you back to the keyboard menu. Make sure you’ve typed in the address correctly, then press "OK" once again. It will bring you to this menu:

Enter any additional information you may want here. We recommend that the format you choose is either PDF or JPEG. Then press "OK". You should end up here:

Push either the start or scan button. The document should scan.
Continue scanning pages and press "Job Finish" to complete scanning and send the email. It may take a few minutes to arrive at your email address.

When finished, please press the Function Clear button.