Using the Chapel audio system

Bethany's Trinity Chapel comes fully equipped with a large amount of audio choices for any event. This includes multiple audio plugs positioned throughout the main room. The two lecterns at the front of the chapel come pre-equipped with microphones, but other options are available if the lecterns are not available.

Locate the sound system switch to the right of the large fresco of Christ in the sanctuary. In order to activate the sound system, one must push the key in, and then turn it clockwise until it stops. This will start everything up.

What if I’m recording and I want higher quality audio than my standard microphone?

On the north side of the chapel balcony, there's a soundboard with two audio jacks. The longer grey cord is an audio out used to attach to cameras and other recording devices – this line comes right from the various microphones throughout the chapel. The second and shorter black cord is an Audio In for  playing music from an iPod or other music player directly over the speakers.