Access Bethany Email on Apple Devices

To connect your iPhone/iPad to your Bethany email account, first tap on the Settings icon, which is usually located on your device’s main home screen:

Once the Settings app opens, scroll down until you reach the Mail, Contacts,  Calendar category, and then tap on it:

After the Mail, Contacts,  Calendar category opens up, tap on the Add Account button:

Then tap on the button for a Google account:

Next, enter your Bethany address in the email field. Note that your email address must be entered as your first initial and your last name – for example, Once you have entered your information, tap the Next button:


Then enter your password and tap the NEXT button:

After you have entered your email address, enter your password and then hit the Next button:

Once your password has been entered, you can choose what other items (calendar, contacts, etc.) you want to sync to your device along with your Bethany email. Once you have made your selection, tap the Save button:

You will then be able to view your Bethany email by using the Mail app, which is usually located on the bottom of your device’s main home screen: