Access Bethany Email on Android Devices

To access your Bethany email on your Android phone or tablet, first go to the Settings app. You can usually access the Setting app by swiping down from the top of your screen to open the Notifications shade and then tapping on the gear icon:

When the Settings app opens, tap on the Accounts item. You may have to scroll down some distance to see it, depending upon the model of your phone:

When the Accounts screen appears, tap on the Add Account button, and then the Google icon:

On the next screen, enter your Bethany email address. Note that your email address must be entered as your first initial and your last name – for example, After you have entered your email address, tap the Next button:

Next, enter your password and tap the Next button:

Finally, your device will ask you to accept the Google terms of service. Tap the Accept button to continue. Your device will then say “Checking Info” for several seconds as it configures the new email account. Once it has finished, you can access your Bethany email through your device’s Gmail app.