Isaac Rice

Internship site: FOX Sports North - Wisconsin
Title: Production Intern
Major: Communication
Hometown: Covert, Michigan

Tell us about your responsibilities as an intern.

  • Editing roll-ins, coming ups, and highlights on Avid and replay systems
  • Logging and capturing video clips
  • Editing and posting highlights to Twitter from the KFAN video webstream using SnappyTv
  • Making copies of DVDs
  • Starting and stopping game records
  • Observing producers, directors, and production assistants
  • Networking

Who did you work with in the company or organization during your internship?
The people I work with are professional producers, directors, and talent. They have several years of broadcasting experience. It is really fun to see them have fun doing their job, while still being effective and professional.

What has been the most rewarding part of this experience?
The various things I have learned from the production assistants about how to succeed and how things are done in the industry.

What did you learn about yourself by participating in an internship program?
I learned that many of the skills I have gained from Bethany have prepared me to do well within the industry. I believe the passion, skill set, and work ethic I have can only be acquired by the things provided and taught at Bethany.

How has your internship prepared you for your future?
My internship has made me realize that I am indeed in the right industry. Fox Sports North is the best organization to intern with if you want to go into sports broadcasting. After I graduate, I would first like to get a job at a regional sports network. I ultimately would like to be a producer or director with that network. My internship has definitely shown me that this is what I want to do with my life.