Concern about how students will make a living and enrich their lives with literature and writing after they graduate from Bethany drives many advisor/advisee meetings. To address this concern, English majors often complete an internship. This opportunity gives students hands-on experience in professional realms (for-profit and non-profit) to work in a variety of settings where language expertise (written and spoken) is a necessary and marketable skill.

English majors have the ability to enroll in ENGL 499: Internship to receive credit for completing an internship, for Juniors and Seniors only. There are several options on campus to complete the internship for credit. These options include earning 4 credits in either Inkwell or Scroll, or working as an Assistant Coordinator in the Writing Center. 

Below are some articles, resources, and databases to help you get started. For further questions, advisors are the best source of answers!


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