Concern about how students will make a living and enrich their lives with literature and writing after they graduate from Bethany drives many advisor/advisee meetings. To address this concern, English majors often complete an internship. This opportunity gives students hands-on experience in professional realms (for-profit and non-profit) to work in a variety of settings where language expertise (written and spoken) is a necessary and marketable skill. Read on to see how two of our English students used internships to begin their careers.  

Abigail Popp interned at Litchfield Independent Review, a newspaper in Hutchinson, where she performed the duties of a staff writer. She wrote feature stories, one of which made the front page of the Review. She also worked as a photojournalist and conducted interviews. This was a very hands on internship that provided a lot of space for creativity. The paper was small and allowed Abby more interaction with co-workers, which in turn allowed for more growth throughout her involvement in the internship.

“I learned something new almost every day I was on the job. My supervisor stretched and challenged my abilities…”

“Everyone on the staff was very friendly and encouraging.”

Abigail completed a second internship at a radio station. She graduated in 2010 and currently works for KDUZ and KARP Radio. Read more.

Dan Johnson interned in the Editorial Department of Capstone Publishing in Mankato. There his job included author correspondence, filing, research for current and future book titles, reprint assistance, beginner editing, and other various duties. This gave Dan inside access to the publishing and editing process and would be a great internship for those interested in a future as a publisher or a writer.

“In the past, we had another Bethany Student as an intern and we ended up hiring her full time.
I would be happy to have more Bethany interns in the future.”
–Kay Olsen, Site Supervisor for interns at Capstone Press

Dan is currently working towards his Ph.D. at Princeton University.