Constitution Day

Each September, the history department sponsors a Constitution Day event commemorating the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, which was finalized on September 17, 1787. Some years, a guest lecturer with expertise in constitutional history visits the campus. Other years, students from the department present their research from classes such as HIST 470: The Supreme Court and the American People. Recent student presentations include:

  • The Burning of the Stars and Stripes: An Act of Protected Freedom or Punishable Defiance?
  • The First Amendment v. Promotion of Violence
  • The ACLU: From Civil Liberties to Liberal Causes
  • Sociological Jurisprudence: The Supreme Court during the Progressive Era
  • John Marshall and the Supreme Court
  • The Judicial Philosophy of Antonin Scalia


Northern Great Plains History Conference

Juniors and seniors in the history department have the opportunity to attend the Northern Great Plains Historical Conference with the faculty. This conference meets annually, rotating among several cities in the Midwest. Students who attend gain a first-hand understanding of how academic conferences are conducted. This is particularly helpful for students who are considering applying for graduate study in the historical discipline.

Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium

Bethany Lutheran College is a charter member of the Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium, established in 2014. Through a partnership of other Christian colleges and universities in the region, the symposium fosters opportunities for college students in the Upper Midwest to share their research in the field of history, dialogue concerning the significance of the Christian faith in the historian’s vocation, and network for graduate school and career opportunities. Each spring, a cohort of Bethany students give presentations at the annual symposium, whether drawn from a research paper for one of the prior courses or from the a preliminary draft of their senior thesis.