Foundations - a public forum to discuss how various academic disciplines contribute to the spreading of the Law and Gospel.

On June 23, 2009, a Public Foundations Forum was held on the Bethany Lutheran College campus, ten faculty members explored how their disciplines contribute to spreading the Gospel. Their brief papers are linked below. Those who attended the public presentation on read the papers in advance, and joined in discussion.

Representatives from Bethany Lutheran College include:


Dr. Polly Browne

Assistant Professor of Education

Read Dr. Browne's Paper

Tom Flunker

Dr. Janet Moldstad

Professor of Business

Read Dr. Moldstad's Paper

Tom Flunker

Dr. Eric Woller

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Read Dr. Woller's Paper

Tom Flunker

Dr. Jennifer Wosmek

Professor of Psychology

Read Prof. Wosmek's Paper

Tom Flunker

Dr. Steven Reagles

Professor of Communication and Religion

Read Dr. Reagles' Paper

Tom Flunker

Prof. Ramona Czer

Associate Professor of English

Read Prof. Czer's Paper

Tom Flunker

Prof. Mark Harstad

Professor of Religion

Read Prof. Harstad's Paper

Tom Flunker

Prof. Tim Tollefson

Assistant Professor of Music

Read Prof. Tollefson's Paper

Tom Flunker

Prof. Andrew Overn

Associate Professor of Art

Read Prof. Overn's Paper

Tom Flunker

Prof. William Bukowski

Professor of Art

Read Prof. Bukowski's Paper