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Job Postings for July 27, 2017

PLEASE NOTE that Bethany Lutheran College does not and cannot verify the accuracy and legitimacy of these postings. Please exercise caution when applying for a job or internship that is not with a local and/or established organization. These jobs are posted anonymously, so fraudulent or misleading postings are possible.

Plant Community Ecology Internship - Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
Internship - Paid  |  Listing expires December 27, 2017
The Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve of the University of Minnesota has opportunities for students to work as plant community ecology interns and as research field supervisors. Most positions run from June to August, but some interns are needed as early as March and some are needed through November. Starting pay is $11.00 per hour depending on the position. As a research intern, you will contribute to ongoing field experiments, have the opportunity to initiate individual research, attend scientific presentations, and interact with professors, post-docs, and graduate students. Undergraduate or a newly graduated students with a background or interest in biology, ecology, environmental science, botany, soil science, or related field we encourage you to apply at
Retail Supervisor - Safeway Grocery
Job - Part Time  |  Listing expires July 31, 2017
Oversees the operation of a retail store and performs duties to ensure its smooth operation as required. Orients, trains, schedules, monitors and provides direction to store staff and volunteers. HOW TO APPLY Interested candidate should send resume along with academic schedule to
Retail Supervisor - Safeway Supermarket
Job - Part Time  |  Listing expires July 31, 2017
We’re here in your neighborhood, and draw upon your rich culture to make our stores better. We’ve also made it a point to ensure that our suppliers are representative of the communities we serve. How To Apply: Interested candidate should send resume along with academic schedule to