Explore Your Options

The first step toward your career is figuring out what path to take. These resources will help you discover where you are today and point you in the right direction.

Getting Started

Self Assessment. You need to know yourself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Setting Goals. Many people dream about where they want to go, but don't have a map on how to get there. Goal setting is an important—and often overlooked—part of the career-planning process.

Career Exploration

Discover your options. Stop by Career Services for materials that can help you find the right career, including advice about careers with a specific major, and what the future holds for various occupations.

Skill Building

Consider an internship. An internship is an important—often essential—step on the path to a rewarding and successful career. Stop by Career Services for local internships or check out LandIt internship listings.

Consider volunteering. Volunteering is an excellent way to build career skills while helping those in need.

Four Year College Plan

First Year
Learn to manage time
Learn to manage resources
Develop study habits
Think about Career Development
Create a preliminary resume
Begin to formulate life goals
Explore personal interests, skills and values
Become involved in clubs, organizations, activities
Volunteer in the community
Get to know your professors and academic advisors who may eventually serve as employment references

Second Year
Conduct research and visit with professionals and upper class students to assist in your decision on a major that aligns with your interests
Attend career fairs and employer presentations
Participate in career development workshops
Explore career fields/areas of interest
Decide on a major
Volunteer in the community
Continue to stay involved on campus through student organizations
Continue forming positive relationships with professors and advisors
Obtain a summer job in your field

Third Year
Continue to update resume
Commitment to personal and academic lives
Focus on classes and major
Explore the option of graduate or professional school
Maintain a strong GPA in major coursework
Pursue leadership roles in campus activities to enhance your “marketability”
Continue forming positive relationships with professors and advisors
Obtain a summer job in your field

Fourth Year
Organize job search and strategies for obtaining full-time employment
Fine tune your resume and cover letter
Attend job fairs
Participate in mock interviews
Continue to attend various career-related workshops and employer presentations
Complete graduate/professional school applications to meet established deadlines. Take graduate admissions and finalize graduate school plans
Select professors, advisors and supervisors to act as references; discuss your plans with them
Maintain solid grades